Assessor Training Module

The Company has an internal training program for assessors, which is briefed via Webinar, Video call or in house meeting.

  • Brief on the skill eco system, its schemes such as PMKVY / DDUGKY / NULM, etc and benefit in each scheme.
  • Introduction about the stakeholders of the Skill Eco System and the source of projects – Sector Skill Council, Ministries, State Development Missions, etc.
    • Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) & others.
    • RSLDC / ASAP / UPSDM / etc.
  • Introduction about Assessment, Assessment Framework, Process, Purpose and Expected Outcomes.
  • Briefing on relevant Job Roles or Qualification Pack, NSQF levels for respective job roles, National Occupation Standards (NOS), Performance Criteria (PC) and explanation of course curriculum.
  • Eligibility Criteria for a candidate to enrol under Skills Training Program and for Assessors to qualify as an assessor.
  • Assessment Methodologies and Tools.
  • Training on Portals & result upload.
  • Soft Skills & Behavioral training
  • Introduction about Training of Assessor (TOA) Program.
    • Assessor will be assessed on Two components
      • Domain Skills (RPL)
      • Platform Skills (Assessors Qualification Pack)
    • Passing Percentage required to be qualified as an Assessor or Master Assessor.